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As a domestic and international supplier, packIQ provides industrial packaging solutions for some of the world's top automotive brands; BMW, Daimler, Rolls-Royce, along with the U.S. Navy and Marines.
Automotive Business Concept

Serving OEMs and their Tier 1&2 suppliers since 2000

packIQ continues to provide full-service, leading edge packaging solutions to the automotive industry. Let packIQ be your packaging solution expert allowing you to focus attention on the other important needs of your business.
Our Process
packIQ partners with you from concept to fabrication of your automotive packaging needs. packIQ executes the entire packaging development lifecycle from 3-D CAD design, prototype and fabrication to storage, maintenance, real-time tracking and just-in-time delivery of packaging assets. Eliminating subcontracting improves our ability to be agile and responsive while ensuring the integrity of communication, quality, and lead-times.
Intelligent design allows efficient, effective and cost conscious solutions for protecting, transporting and assembly line deployment. With our returnable and reusable packaging process (RPP) time and money is saved. Packaging is designed, engineered and fabricated to ensure product integrity during storage, transportation and deployment. The final qutomotive packaging solution will aid management of the products and ensure they will be able to withstand the pressure, vibration, temperature changes, loading and unloading stresses involved in transportation so your products reach the users in pristine condition.
Durable packaging that is good for you and good for your customer
No matter what your shape or size need we can provide custom packaging based on your product requirements; small or large, light or heavy components, robust or delicate and even sculpted Class A surface items will be protected by our superior casement.
Sometimes there is the need to track shipments through the supply chain. Our Clip-Lok™ box solution can now be fitted with a small built-in GPS tracking device, which allows the sender / receiver to monitor the progress and the real-time location of the goods.
Your customer will be able to streamline product receipt and inspection, deployment and eliminate packaging disposal:
Once a project is begun, our team works with real prototypes for testing before final production begins. Lean fabrication processes ensure only the highest quality finished units. Each component and finish process is quality controlled and assured before passing to the next stage of fabrication. The final output is then put through a final fit and usability test before full deployment to you and your customer.
Our packaging solutions are field-proven to enhance the operational productivity throughout every level of the supply chain.
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