Defense Packaging

We recognize the need to have packaging solutions that meet the rigorous demands of varied shipping conditions and the requirements established in military specifications.

packIQ has extensive experience developing shipping crates for the US military.

Our crates meet MIL-STD-1660, the design criteria for ammunition unit loads. We can work with you to design a custom wooden crate to safely and securely ship whatever you need.
Clip-lok™ boxes have been used to transport:
The Clip-Lok™ shipping crates are designed and built to meet specialized military requirements, optimize packaging, and reduce logistics costs.
Depending on the requirements and purpose, the Clip-Lok™ shipping crates have passed tests such as:
The Clip-Lok™ shipping crates are collapsible, reusable and can be stacked for storage and transport. They can be assembled by one person with no nails, screws or metal banding in less than three minutes. These wood shipping crates are also weatherproof and can be used for storage or to transport items such as: weapons, ammunition, engines, fuel bladders, tents and various military equipment. Whether it's weapons, equipment or aircraft components, we can work with you to design custom crates to safely and securely ship whatever you need.
The Clip-Lok™ boxes:
Whether transporting goods by air, sea or land, we are able to provide you with packaging solutions that fit the exact requirements of your cargo in order to optimize transportation of your goods.  Customized dunnage provides additional protection of products during transport and storage. packIQ’s consulting and engineering services ensure the crates are built around your criteria - inside and out.
As a supplier to the armed services and many of the world’s largest defense contractors, packIQ has a proven record of performance in meeting military specification packaging requirements. We stay abreast of new standards and technology in order to provide the best solutions for to meet a variety of military packaging and material handling needs. For more information on our military packaging solutions, please give us a call at (864) 231-8908.
packIQ is very proud of its involvement in supporting and protecting our U.S. borders through designing and providing a variety of packaging solutions for both the armed services and defense contractors. We are also proud of our involvement in organizations including NIPHLE and the Wounded Warrior Project.
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