Heavy Truck Packaging

Our current client roster includes many leading brands in the Heavy Truck Industry: Daimler, Freightliner, PACCAR, Volvo and their tier 1 & Tier 2 suppliers.
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packIQ plays a large role in supplying packaging solutions to the heavy truck industry.

Our Preferred Supplier status with Daimler enables us to supply both their domestic and international markets.
packIQ Class A surface packaging solutions are designed, engineered and fabricated to ensure integrity during storage, transportation and deployment. The final packaging solution ensures your product will be able to withstand the stresses, impacts, temperature changes, loading / unloading and deployment handling that is involved in transportation so your products reach the end users in pristine condition.
packIQ offers a broad range of custom and cost effective heavy truck industrial packaging solutions that include :
Our project team works with you to provide solutions in both expendable one-use packaging, as well as returnable designs to deliver maximum intended value to our client over the packaging’s intended life.
packIQ provides a complete in-house solution approach from concept to delivery. The elimination of external sub-contracting allows our team to increase responsiveness and react quickly to the projects up to the minute needs, allowing reduced lead-times and eye to deadline delivery.
To protect heavy industrial engines during transit, we design and build engine racks that are customized around the contours and load specifics of heavy truck engines.
Some of our projects have included:
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