Clip-Lok SimPak™ Wooden Shipping Crates

Save time and money with an ingenious, patented system of shipping crates that are simple to assemble, stackable, and reusable.

Collapsible. Stackable. Reusable.

The Clip-Lok System is an ingenious packaging system utilizing a patented, collapsible plywood case held together by heavy duty steel spring clips. This unique system saves you time and money on wooden shipping crates by making them easy to assemble, stackable, and reusable.
Clip-lok™ crates
The Clip-Lok SimPak is a reusable, cost effective way to handle a wide range of products. Reusable, collapsible plywood crates, tailor-made for every cargo. Investment payback is often within three trips.
Cost-Effective Benefits
Clip-Lok wooden shipping crates are suitable for transporting all types of products, no matter how large, fragile or heavy. Tough, secure, durable and weather resistant, the crates are custom-made to the customer's exact requirements, can be painted in corporate colors and imprinted with company logos.
passed tests including:
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packIQ is proud to be the exclusive provider for Clip-Lok in North America.

Shipping crates for the automotive industry

Some of the world's top automotive brands such Volvo, Scania, Daimler and Ford use Clip-Lok™ wood crates to protect items during transport and to optimize their handling and logistic costs. The Clip-Lok wood crates can safely secure and protect items of different sizes from axles to interior/exterior auto components, and even motorcycles.

Shipping crates for military and defense

packIQ has extensive experience in providing all types of shipping containers and packaging solutions for the U.S. military. We recognize the military has very specific packaging requirements for specialized applications and equipment, and our packaging solutions meet the rigorous demands of varied shipping conditions and the requirements established in military specifications.
The Clip-Lok™ shipping crates are designed and built to meet specialized military requirements, optimize packaging, and reduce logistics costs.
Whether transporting goods by air, sea or land, we are able to provide you with packaging solutions that fit the exact requirements of your cargo in order to optimize transportation of your goods.  Customized dunnage provides additional protection of products during transport and storage. packIQ’s consulting and engineering services ensure the crates are built around your criteria - inside and out.
As a supplier to the armed services and many of the world’s largest defense contractors, packIQ has a proven record of performance in meeting military specification packaging requirements. We stay abreast of new standards and technology in order to provide the best solutions for to meet a variety of military packaging and material handling needs.