Reusable Packaging Management Software

LoopManager™ enables manufacturers to achieve unprecedented efficiency, productivity and profit, as well as cost savings through performance-based metrics.
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Rev up your efficiency with LoopManager™

From introducing returnables into a manufacturing environment and optimally managing the flow of these assets through the supply chain, LoopManager™ does the work for you. Our web-based technology is a software solution that maintains packaging inventory and visibility. It allows you to know what packaging you have available to minimize downtime.
Management and Tracking

Warehousing facilities (co-located), dedicated Program Manager and operational personnel (onsite), equipment, and logistics services as required.

Returnables identification, warehousing, kitting, just in time (JIT) delivery to the production line (via milk-runs), receiving and proactive alerting.

Performance goals, metrics, and consistent monitoring.

Visibility and Optimization

State-of-the-art software that maintains a single web-based system of all returnable packaging material and related information.

Application integrates seamlessly with ERP and other manufacturing and logistics systems.

System leverages data capture technology including bar code (e-Kanban) and/or RFID tracking by container or kit.

Web-based technology delivers unsurpassed packaging visibility and accountability across a manufacturer’s customer, plant and supplier locations.

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LoopManager in Action