"We turned to packIQ when we faced a 100 percent change to the way we did business. packIQ had great ideas for steel packaging that would reduce costs, improve quality and minimize waste contributed to landfills. Both corporate and our dealers are very happy with the new packaging solution. They made us feel like there was no other customer."

A Leading Power Sports Equipment Manufacturer

"I see what’s inside this plant every day and so does my team. We bring packIQ in as experts to help us tackle issues and bring innovative solutions to the table. On a scale of one to nine, I would rate them a nine. I don’t have any wasted resources. In fact, I reached my ROI objectives in less than one year."

A Leading Automotive Parts Supplier

"By converting to returnables and deploying an efficient management process around them, we’ve achieved tremendous savings around ‘unplanned costs’ such as expedited freight, and have streamlined the planning and cycle time of one of our most valuable assets in the plant - space. Our planners are also more productive because they can better manage their assets and reduce the associated costs across the packaging supply chain. The technology is phenomenal."

Tier One Automotive Manufacturer